Arlaud Family

The Arlaud Family

pronounced "Arlo" with a long "o".

Arlaud MuseéOriginally a Swiss Family, our connection is via Mathilde Renee Arlaud, who was born in Denmark, and married ( 1849) George Fenwick, of English stock, who was then the Sardinian Consul in Denmark.

The political situation saw them leave and travel to Australia and New Zealand where they settled in Oamaru, where their daughter Melior Mathilde Fenwick married Arthur Hay Maude in 1874.

Tracing back, the Arlaud family were famous for their Art, and there is still to this day an Art Museum in Lausanne called the L'Espace Arlaud.

[ In 1841, thanks to the generosity of the painter Marc-Louis Arlaud and with the help of the City and the government, Lausanne opened an art museum and a drawing school under the same roof. The museum has been part of the Palais de Rumine since 1906, but the school was there only until 1964, before moving to Avenue de Elysée, and then to Renens in 2007. ]


The family members documented on this site are:

Jacqués Antoine Arlaud ( - )



Benjamin Arlaud ( - )


Louis Ami Arlaud-Jurine ( - )


Marc-Louis Arlaud ( - )