George Adam Kissling

George Adam Kissling is our Great Great Great Grandfather, on my mother's side.


Also see the page on his wife Margaret Kissling (nee Moxon).


George Adam Kissling was born on the 2nd of April 1805, in a small town called Muhrr, Wurtemburg, in Germany.

His were not particularly well to do. His mother had lost four children and infancy (Magdalena [1807-1808], Gottlob [1808-1809], Catharina [1812-1814] and Christian [1817-1818]).  The other children were Johann [1810-1843], Frederich [1815-1840], Christian Karl [1819-], and Peter [1826-1882]. It appears Peter left for the USA and settled in Milwaukee.

Hi early career as a missionary was spent in Africa. His son John Kissling was born there in 1839.

That period is covered in this article: George Adam Kissling - From Germany to Africa


After leaving Africa for health reasons in 1841, George Adam returned to England with his family, and in 1842 in he left for New Zealand where he was stationed at Kawakawa (E.C.), which was afterwards named by the natives “Te Araroa” on account of the fact that he formed a long, box-edged path from his gate to his front door. His church, which would hold 500 worshippers, stood close to the beach.

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Becoming ill in February, 1846, Mr. Kissling went to Auckland. His doctor would not permit him to return to the East Coast. When his health was restored he took over the administration of the Maori work at Kohimarama, and became the minister of the Church of St. Barnabas. In 1852 he was appointed Archdeacon of Waitemata and placed in charge of St. Mary's, Parnell.

That period is covered in this article: George Adam Kissling - New Zealand: Auckland

He died on 10 November, 1865.

This portrait of George Adam was drawn ~1827 (aged ~22 yrs old) while he was in Basel, Switzerland, training with the Basel Missionary Society prior to leaving for Africa.



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Family History

The Kissling family originate from Murr, Württemberg, in Germany. Here is the family tree as known in 2012. Click on the imahe to download the PDF version.

Kissling Tree