Hickson in New Zealand and Ireland

Hickson in New Zealand and Ireland

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Attached is a family tree journal of the Hickson family in Ireland and New Zealand copied from the original written by Cora Longton (nee Hickson) my great grandmother

Hicksons of The Gove, Ballintaggart and Redcliffe, Co Kerry, Ireland

Originally the Hicksons came over to Ireland from Cambridge shire in one of the settlements of Queens Elizabeth reign. They accompanied one Brown who was appointed Undertaker (one of those who undertakes to manager the House Of Commons for the King in the "Addled Parliament of 1614) for Munster. The former were Governors of certain portions and were now represented by Lord Kenmore. The furthermost back record I can present look into is "Burkes Irish Landed Gentry"
Robert Hickson of the Grove, Dingle was a High Sherriff in 1749 and also Deputy Governor. He had five sons and two daughters 1/ John (heir), 2/ Sam Murray, 3/ Robert (Rev) married a Hewson My grandfather, 4/ James, 5/ George 6/ Mary married Peter Hussey, 7/ Anne married Sir William Cox of Cool cliff.
John Hickson married Barbara, daughter of John Mahoney of Dronmore castle, Co Kerry, who died aged 104 about 1890, leaving a large family of three sons and five daughters. The eldest John only left one son, Robert Albert now living in England having sold all his Irish Estates. I believe he still retains Ballintaggart.
The Rev Robert Hickson was my grandfather. He had one son and three daughters, 1/ William Murray, 2/ Anne, 3/ Sarah, 4/ Julia married Peter Hussey who died some years once. His two sons and one daughter are also dead.
As you can see William Murray was my father and your grandfather. He left seven sons and one daughter - 1/ Robert, 2/ Walter, 3/ William 4/ James, 5/ Fitzgerald 6/ Albert, 7/ John, 8/Gertrude who married Dr G Martin of the Indian Civil service. The family connections are most numerous , most Kerry families being allied to us through matrimony.
I never cultivated any of these, principally as I never lived in Kerry, and more, so as when I did meet any of them I got the cold shoulder, having joined the RI Constabulary, and when I got the position of R M, I gave them the same. When the family wish to be particularly "swanky" they mentions as cousins the "knights of Kerry An Glynn", the later I knew very well and a very good sort who unfortunately got a "stroke" two years since. He was married to Lord Dun ravens eldest daughter. She is dead leaving only one son.
The former I never met and don't know his name, but think it is Peter Fitzgerlad, Bart, and hear he is very Wealthy, and has only just come into title.
My mother was Louise Atkin, of Careystown Co Cork. Her mother was one of the daughters of Col Fitzgerald of Cork Bay, Co Cork, a leading man of that time. His direct descendant, who died a few months since was Sir Robert Umacke-Vencose-Fitzgerald (sorry this is hard to read), a great friend of your fathers in their youth. He was MD for Cambridge for many years. Of course through my mothers family, we are connected with many of the principal families of that portion of Co Cork, but I know none of them, and they probably don't know our name. They like our Kerry relatives are being rapidly wiped out, having all their property lost by robbing Acts of parliament, Land league and Sinn Fein agitations. In Kerry in a very few years, our name will not be known. A few personal remarks - I married the second daughter of the Right Honorable Sir Sam Walker, Bart many years Lord Chamillor of Ireland, and have one son and on Daughter surviving. My son is Captain in the 27th Light Cavalry Indian Army. He harked back to the old connections and married a Hewson.
Unsigned and Undated.
(This I have discovered is written by Edward Fitzgerald Hickson)

About 400 years a Hickson came over from England to Ireland, and eventually owned a large slice of County Kerry. In course of time he, or one of his descendants became Lord of the Manor or Feudal King. This meant that not even the King, Parliament, or the law, could interfere with him. He had his own retainers, army etc. He built two family seats - THE GROVE and BALLINTAGGART - both of which were in my family in my young days, but during the Fencain Riots were got rid of, and he went to England to live, where the restn head of the family, General Hickson, my first cousin, now lives. One of the sons in the old times married into the Royal House of Murray in Scotland, hence the Ducal Coronet in our crest.

In later days, and on account of the disturbed state of Ireland, most of the Kerry properties were sold, and now little belongs to the Hicksons. I alone have little left which is looked after by a nephew of mine ( C J ADAMS) , son of my youngest and only married sister, who married a Captain Adams of the 40th Regt, and who died before I left England.
Now that all my sisters are dead (I have no brothers). I have given instructions to sell all my Irish Interests, so in time the name of Hickson will be a thing of the past in Irelan.
My Mother (a Purdon) belonged to the same sort of clan in the County of Cork. Her father was an Army medical doctor and settled in Kerry. A representative, Rowland Purdon, still lives there.
To show you what went on in the old days, long before I was born, captain Hickson was a law unto himself, had his own body guard, soldiers, police etc. One day a notorious criminal was to be brought before him for trial he (the prisoner) thought he had better get a solicitor. As soon as he appeared in court. Captain H promptly adjourned the court. This went on for some time until the solicitor got tired of coming so far (30 miles) which in those days was a very Long days journey) and the case was then promptly dealt with. In those days there was no appeal from the decision of the king. (Captain Hickson).
My grandfather Purdon was a remarkably clever man. He lived in the dueling days, and my mother told me it was not an uncommon thing of Him to come into breakfast and say he had wounded so and so who had insulted Home. My grandmother was an English woman a Miss Gore, I never saw her.
My father, George Hickson, was a church of England parson, youngest son of captain Hickson, the youngest of Captain Hickson the last of the Feudal Lords. I had three sisters the youngest a very pretty girl, married a Capt Adams, and it her son whom I previously mentioned. She left one daughter , with five children who are now ranching in Canada.
The woman you mentioned is a daughter of Captain Hickson, an officer in the Connaught Rangers. He sold out and came to Australia before I did and took up land. He did not do very well I think. He was a second cousin of mine another brother of his settled in Queensland, and left a nice daughter (lulu). She is married and lives in Warwick.
Some of the members of the Hickson clan married and left children of who I know nothing. The missionary Hickson may be one of them, but as he speaks of relations I have never heard of, I don't know where he comes in. I have lots of relatives married to Sir Maurice Fitzgerlad, Sir William Cox, Col. Blennerhasset, Lord V entry, Col. Tennant etc.
signed R P Hickson
(This is written by Rowan Robert Purdon Hickson)

The Hicksons of New Zealand

Edward Hickson of "The Wilderness" near Clonmell, Co Tipperary, left Kerry when he was a young man to reside in Tipperary, where he married about 1748 Pracentia Keith or Keefe a lady of property. He owned property in Kerry and also a fine estate in Tipperary - The Wilderness. He left two sons and one daughter
I John - AM of Trinity College, Dublin, Chaplain to the Duke of Leeds. Died unmarried. A tablet in his memory reads as follows -
Near the Centre of this church (North Mims in Hereford shire) are deposited the remains of the Rev John Hickson , A M formerly of Trinity College, Dublin, afterwards resident in this parish, where he was entrusted with the education of the Duke Of Leeds' sons. He lived respected and beloved by all who knew Home and after an illness of several months, expired without a groan Dec 17 1794 in the 41st year of his life.
II - Richard of whom presently
A Rachael married Joseph Kelsall Esq and had with other issue two sons
1 Joseph Kelsall - Colonel 70th Regt
2 John Kelsall - Colonel 83rd Regt
B Francis, married in 1797 John Cunningham

Richard Hickson of Standford Hall, Co Cork. major of the North Cork (34th) Regt of Militia, which Regt he interred 6th Sept 1800. educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he took his degree. He married Catherine, daughter of Joseph Skerrett, Esq, Solicitor. She died in 1857, and was buried at Harolds Cross Cemetery, Dublin. Died 1819, leaving issue four sons and five daughters.

I John Annesley of whom presently
II Richard Skerrett, an official at the castle of Dublin. Formerly private secretary to his uncle, Col Skerrett, Chief Commissioner of the principal mining district in Brazil. married his first cousin Fanny Antoinette daughter of Anthony Blake of St Opens, Co Galway. Died 24th January 1862 having had issue four sons and two daughters
1/ Richard Coleman, Surgeon_Major 24th regt
married 1st Annie Broderick
2nd Sarah Williams he died on his way home from India. No Issue
2/ Edward - died unmarried
3/ Isidore Skerrett. Living in India 1904
4/ John - born 1852 died in India 1899
a/ Mary died in Dublin 1884
b/ Rebecca died young
III Joseph Skerrett. Lieut in the Army. Died unmarried
IV Robert. H M Customs. married Catherine Kennedy and had issue a daughter
a/ Avice , born 1853. married 1st George Garror Green, an officer in the Constabulary, whom she divorced, and 2nd Surgeon Mitchell (Regt)
A/ Mary born 8th may 179- died Nov 1867 unmarried
B/ Catherine Pracentia (a Russian name) died 24th May - unmarried
c/ Frances born Sept 1802 died unmarried
D/ Rachael, died in infancy
E/ Caroline, died in infancy

John Anneslay Hickson
of The Grove, Otahuhu, Auckland
New Zealand

Captain and Staff Officer of pensioners (late 31st Regt) was born in Dublin 22nd Feb 1798. On 27th December 1821 he was married in Clontarf Church by the Rev Charles Molloy to Elizabeth Pleasant, second daughter of Richardson Williams of Stanville Lodge, Clontarf, Co. Dublin.
Captain and Paymaster of the Londonerry (or 16th ) Regt of Militia. Educated at Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland, at a private school which the principal was Rev Dr Finucane.
On 7th Sept 1812 was appointed Ensign in the North Cork (or 34) Regt of Militia of which his father was a major.
His commision (by purchase) in the Regular army is dated 25th December 1813, when he joined the 88th Regt (Connaught Rangers) taking with him 50 men of the North Cork Regt. He served the campaign of 1814 in Canada under Sir George Sprvost, and that of 1815 in the Netherlands and France under Field Marshall, the Duke of Wellington, after which he was for some years in the Army of occupation in Paris.
On the death of his father in 1819, he retired on half pay from the 12th Regt of Foot on account of urgent family affairs. At this time he was unfortunate enough to loose his property "The Wilderness", Co, Tipperary through the mismanagement of his lawyer.
On 11th November 1824 he joined the 73rd regt as Quartermaster which naturally retarded his promotion, but having lost his property, and with an increasing family he found it necessary as being more lucrative.
From 1824-27 he was stationed in Ireland. From 1827-29 he was with his regiment in Gilbraltar, From 1829-34 in Malta, 1834-38 in Ionian Islands. In 1839 he went out to Canada with his regiment for the second time remaining theree for two and a half years. He then spent several years between England and Ireland when his regt (the 73rd) being ordered to the Cape of Good Hope. He joined the 31st Regt and soon afterwards was appointed staff officer of Pensioners at Thures N B (hard to read unsure of word). In 1847 Captain Hickson was appointed Staff Officer of Pensioners at Auckland, New Zealand. he came out to the Colony with his wife and family in the barque "Ann" 801 tons, in command Captain S C Walker having left Belfast, Ireland on 25th december 1847, arriving at Auckland on 16th may 1848.
Captain Hickson brought out 73 pensioners and their wifes and families (The NZ Fencible Corps). The party complied of 73 men, 66 men and 10 children. he received a grant of land at Otahuhu, Auckland - from the imperial government, and added considerably to this by purchasing adjacent lands, besides owning a nice property in the Waikato, all of which property went at his death, to his eldest surviving son, Joseph edward Hickson as heir -at-law, he having died intestate.
Captain Hickson intended settling some of his sons on the land before returning home and rejoining his Regt but he became blind, so remained in Auckland until his death in 1858. he sold out with the rank as Major two months before his demise. he died on the 16th march 1858 having had issue nine sons and five daughters.

I - THEODORE RICHARD HICKSON - Captain in the 80th Regt born 18.12.1822 at Strandville Lodge, Clontarf, Co Dublin. His Commission dates 1st April 1842, when he joined the 55th Regiment, in which he saw service in China. He married Jane eldest daughter of the Rev Robert Parkinson Brooke, Chaplain of the Bengal establishment, and died on 6th September 1851 at Dingapore, Bengal, India, no issue. Captain T R Hicksons widow married secondly General William Pattle CB, aide-de-camp to H M Queen Victoria.

II - JOHN GEORGE HICKSON - II John George born 15th September 1825 at Neas, Co Kildare, Ireland, Died at Malta 20th Dec 1830

III Joseph Edward of Otara Grove, East Tamaki, Auckland. Born at Windmill Hill, Gibraltar on 8th march 1829. married ester, second daughter of William Thomas Fairburn, C M. Died at Sydney, N S W 17th October 1887, leaving issue one son and one daughter
*1/ Theodore William, born at Otahuhu 3rd Sept 1850. married Edith Jane younger daughter of Albin Martin BA Oxen, at Tamaki, Auckland, and has issue, two sons and four daughters

1/ Annesley Martin (jack) born at east Tamaki 23rd March 1878. married Maud Charlotte Benner (born Clonmell, Tipperary, Dec 28th 1881) daughter of Henry Charles Benner. Has issue two sons and one daughter
A/ Pax Annesley, born at Te Puke 7th November 1918
B/ John Isidore, born at Te Puke 19th May 1921
C/ Alberta Edith Charlotte, born at Auckland 1st Feb 1917
2/ Theodore Ernest, born at Parnell, Auckland 20th August 1884, Insurance Officer, N Z I Insurance Co, New Zealand. Married Georgina Crowther has issue
1/ William Crowther Martin died 9/3/1946
2/ Barbara Constance, married Lewis Frank raven 6/6/43
3/ Edith Ethel, born at Gisborne 23rd October 1876. married 27th September 1901, Eric son of Edwin Bostock of Tina Lodge, Stafford shire. Had issue two sons and three daughters
a/ Francis Edwin Martin born at Howick 30th August 1909 Bank Officer, Whangarei 1949. Married Elsa Vivian Everitt, daughter of William Everitt of Te Aroha has issue one son and one daughter
1/ Geoffrey Martin born at Whangarei 26th may 1947
2/ Patricia Anne Florence, born at Patea 14th April 1939
b/ Harry T Beverley married 12th march 1937, Phyllis Lily Grahame and has issue (1949) one son and three daughters
1/ Eric Grahame, born 30th Dec 1938
2/ Andrea may born 19th Nov 1941
3/ Jannett Kathleen born 6th January 1947
4/ Marilyn Sonia born 24th January 1949
c/ Irene Kathleen Purchas - born Te Puke 25th June 1904 died at Hamilton 25th August 1942
d/ Patricia Edith Jean, born at Auckland 10/1/1906. Married 7th April 1934 Leonard Peter Martin son of Joseph and Mary martin , and has issue three daughters
1/ Beverley Anne, born at Paeroa 11th march 1935
2/ Linley Edith, born at Paeroa 28th Sept 1936
3/ Jeanette Mary, born at Paeroa 28th march 1939
e/ Nancie Eleanor Ethel, born at Howick 24/11/1907

4/ FRANCIS BERTHA HICKSON born at Onehunga, Auckland 10th April 1880. married 23rd Dec 1913 Alfred Egerton Kidner, son of Francis and Catherine Mason Kidner, late of Swang Farm, Bridgewater, Somerset, and has issue two sons and one daughter
a/ Egerton martin, born at Wellington NZ 14th march 1915. married Ruth (daughter of Capt. Andrew Hambly D SO, R M retired) on 7th Sept 1939, Issue two sons and one daughter
b/ John Hereward, born at Enfield, Middle sex, England on 5th Oct 1916
c/ Mary Suzanne, born at Enfield, Middle sex, England on 11 Sept 1919. married Harold Rupert Vickers, 30th July 1945, and had issue (1949) two sons both born at Albury, N S W
5/ Nella Irene, born at Parnell, Auckland 1st November 1882
6/ Lucy Kathleen Fanny, born at Howick, Auckland 28th April 1886

*2/ Ada Emily, born at Otahuhu, Auckland, 13th June 1852. married Henry Gordon, and has issue two sons and seven daughters living and one dead.
a/ Gerald Ralph, born at N S W, 7th June 1875
b/ Oscar Fairburn, born at Tasmania 23rd may 1878
c/ Violet Isabel, born at Tasmania 15th Dec 1876. married 23rd January 1900 George Thomas Russell of Tasmania
d/ Enid Emily Beatrice born at Tasmania 28th April 1882 (TWIN)
e/ Estella Hope Rosalind born at Tasmania 28th April 1882 (TWIN)
f/ Juliet Pearl, born at Tasmania 12th July 1883
g/ Ada Aurora Faith pearl, born at Fiji, 15th January 1885
h/ Miranda Faith, born at Fiji 5th August 1886
i/ Grace Helene born Fiji, 20th October 1888
j/ Amy Rowena Octavia, born at Tasmania 29th march 189-

IV John Smith, born at Malta, Auberge de Castille 18th November 1830. Warden and Resident magistrate on the Otago (New Zealand) gold fields. Married Julia Louisa Emily, youngest daughter of the Rev Robert Parkinson Brook of Brighton, England - ex chaplain of the Bengal Establishment. Died 28th Dec 1891 at Mac Andrews Bay, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand leaving issue one son and four Daughters

a/ John Theodore Brooke Hickson, of Hobart, tasmania, born at Dunedin 24th July 1861. Married Winifred may second daughter of F G Jassett, of Taunton Somerset, England and has issue a son
1/ Brian Annesley Hickson born at Naseby, Otago 15th Dec 1887

b/ - Rosalie Miriam Brooke Hickson, born at Waitahunga, Otago, 6th July 1863. Married james Andrew Petrie, second son of J T Petrie of Kirkstall, Hokitika, NZ and has issue two sons (died about 1905)
1/ Kenneth Francis Petrie born at Naseby, N Z, 7th June 1883, Died 1925, married (1916) Evelyn Nora Walsh
2/ Alan Julian Petrie born at Naseby, NZ, 30th may 1888, Archdeacon, C of E (Church of (England) died 1946

c/ - Mary Frances (Molly) HICKSON, born at Hills Creek, Central Otago 5th July 1866. Married Thomas Denny Bellett, second son of the Rev George Bellett, M A Rector of Whitbourne, Hertfordshire, England, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Denny, 3rd Baronet of Tralee Castle, Co Kerry, Ireland, and has issue 4 daughters.
1/ Kathleen Elizabeth Bellett , born at Kyeburn Station, Central Otago, 30th December 1887, married(1912) K E Withers died 12/4/1965 Geoffrey Tyndall Withers, accountant 4th son of Williamson Withers, architect, Wellington. Has issue one son and one daughter.
a/ Brian Denny Withers, born 21st Dec 1914 - Shipping Clerk
b/ Mary Tyndall Withers, born 18th April 1919
2/ Ruth Bellett, born at Naseby, 7th April 1890 unmarried
3/ Audrey Contance, born at Wadestown, Wellington, New Zealand 9th march, 1900, unmarried
4/ Marjorie Mary Bellett, born at Kyeburn Station, 20th Feb 1889 Unmarried

d/ CONSTANCE JULIA THEODORA HICKSON born at Dunedin 6th June 1874, Married Jas F Mackley a of of Mackley M I has issue one son
1/ WINSTON BROOKE MACKLEY born 10th May 1915 married June Ambler in Jan 1948
a/ WINSTON BROOKE MACKLEY born 21st Nov 1948
e/ - MELITA ISADORA HICKSON - born at Dunedin, 7th September 1876. married Bertram Whitcombe, Manager of The Bank of New South Wales, New Plymouth, for many years. She died about 1944. had issue one son and two daughters

a/ Jack Whitcombe, born 1910
b/ Betty Whitcombe, born 1907 married Robert Buchanan
c/ Viva Whitcombe born 1913

V - ROBERT ONSLOW BELLEROPHON, of Oakleigh, Victoria, Born at the Island of Zante, 18th january 1837. When only a few days old, he with his parents was shipwrecked off the coast of Gilbraltar, on board the H M S Bellerophon, in memory of which he is named after, the ship, and his godfather Lieut Onslow, of H M S Bellerophon. He married emily, youngest daughter of John F Wotton, M D of Melbourne, Victoria. Died in Melbourne 30th June 1891, leaving issue three sons and eight daughters.

a/ ROBERT THEODORE FREEMAN HICKSON - born in Victoria 28th August 1866
b/ JAMES MOORE HICKSON (HEALER HICKSON) - born in Victoria, 13th August
1868, About 1922-24 He conducted a World-wide mission of healing under the
auspices of the Church of England. Hence he was known as Healer Hickson. he
married Rosalie, daughter of Captain Harrison (Imperial Army) of melbourne, no issue
c/ WILLIAM HENRY WOTTON HICKSON - born in Victoria 15th June, 1870
d/ ELIZABETH ADELAIDE HICKSON (Bessie) born in Victoria, 26th january 1860. Married
William Henry Wastell (died 1900) and had issue one son and one daughter
1/ Cora Wastell - married 6th August 1902
2/ Victora henry Wastell
e/ FRANCES MARY HICKSON (Fannie) born in Victoria 8th July 1861. Married John Sinclair,
solicitor, eldest son of Andrew Sinclair of Hazelbank, Symonds Street. Auckland, and
grand-nephew of Andrew Sinclair FRS, Surgeon, Royal Navy [Doctor Sinclair accompanied Governor Fitzroy to NZ to study the natural history of the country arrived at Auckland in the Barque Bangallore 23rd December 1843. He succeeded Mr Willoughby Shortland as Colonial Secretary of N Z, but subsequently returned to Scotland] Francis Mary left issue five daughers-
1/ ALCECTIS IRENE AZIMUTH SINCLAIR born 19th April 1888 married ... Von Ediscuty,
Minnesota, USA, has 3 sons
2/ LARA MARGUERIT SKIPWITH SINCLAIR born 24th December 1889. Married ... Von Sturmer
has two or three sons and was living in Harley Road, Takapuna, Auckland
3/ EDRIS HERMIONE HICKSON SINCLAIR - born 25th April 1891 - unmarried
4/ VERA PAULINE HYPATIA SINCLAIR - born 13th December 1893 - unmarried
5/ FRANCES VIDA HELIODORE SINCLAIR - born 4th october 1895 - unmarried
f/ HARRIET MARIA HICKSON (Minnie) born in Victoria 13th April 1863. Married Charles Hawker Wilson, second son of James Alexander Wilson, Judge of the Native Land Court of New Zealand, and grandson of the Rev J A Wilson. C M S (Late R N) by his wife Annie Catherine Hawker, second daughter of Major Francis Hawker, 81 st Regt, Had issue one daugher
1/ FRANCES WILSON , born at Rotorua 28th May 1895 married Capt ... MacDonald and has 3 daughters

g/ EMILY MATILDA HICKSON, born in Victoria 28th September 1864. Married Thomas Sherbourne Farrer, Barrister-at-Law, London, and nephew of Cecilia Firence, first Countess of Iddesleigh. Had issue three sons and two daughters
2/ JOHN FARRER (Died in infancy)

h/ FLORENCE LOUISA HICKSON, born in Victoria 16th August, 187 married August J Jacoby, nephew of Richard Wagnor, the celebrated composer. Had issue two daughers
1/ MARIE WAGNER LOUISA JACOBY - born in Sydney N S W 25th May 1896
2/ MABEL JEANETTE JACOBY - born 24th August 1899

i/ ANNABEL MILLICENT LUDLOW HICKSON, Born 11th january 1876. Married Lieut Walter Seigur, son of Genral Seigur, German Army.

j/ CATHERINE CHARLOTTE DICKSON HICKSON, born 14th July 1878. Married George Moody.

VI - WILLIAM HENRY KNIPE HICKSON - born in Dublin 3rd April 1839. married Annie Hay a daughter of William Hay of Glasgow, N B and had issue a son.
a/ JOSEPH HENRY HICKSON born in N S Wales in 1868, married Henrietta Stewart, daughter of William Stewart of Monaroo N S W and had issue four sons and two daughters

vii - GEORGE FREDEREICK KNIPE HICKSON - born at Woolwich, England, 4th June 1842, D drowned in Oamaru Harbour 1891. Unmarried

viii - CHARLES ALFRED ST GEORGE HICKSON of whom presently

ix - RICHARD JORDAN SKERRETT HICKSON, born at Parnell, Auckland, 2nd June 1848, Married Louisa Cook, second daughter of Thomas Upperdine Cook of Foxton, New Zealand and had issue nine sons and two daughers
a./ RICHARD THEODORE ANNESLEY HICKSON (Jack) born 25th April 1880, died in Mashonaland, Central Africa, 31st April, 1900
b/ ARTHUR SELWYN HICKSON born 21st feb 1885, Living in fernhill, Hastings 1949. married has issue three daughters
1/ MAMIE HICKSON - born 1931
2/ PAMELA HICKSON - born 1935
3/ AVA HICKSON - born 1941
c/ HERBERT LESLIE HICKSON, born 28th October 1886, married 1st Florence Brookfield, Had issue one son and three daughters
1/ DICK HICKSON (accidentally killed in Otaki when a boy)
2/ JUNE HICKSON married Alan Mitchell a maker of dental instruments Wanganui died 1980
a/ HARVEY MITCHELL - born 1950
b/ JOHN MITCHELL born 1951
c/ SELWYN MITCHELL - born 1953/54
3/ PATRICIA HICKSON married Clarence Beaumont
a/ ANN BEAUMONT (1949)
d/ WILFRED HICKSON born 13th March 1889 died 1930, married, No issue
e/ HAROLD JORDAN HICKSON - born 2nd September 1890 In Australian forces 1914-1918 married and has a family.
f/ NOEL SKERRETT HICKSON born 19th August 1892
g/ CLARENCE WILLIAM HYNDMAN HICKSON born 29th July 1894, Killed in 1918 WW1 married Ida Dempsey and a daugher - Noel
h/ KEITH MELVILLE HICKSON born 14th August 1896 Died 1956 Married and farming in Taumarunui 1949 a son and a daugher Freda i/ CLAUDE MERLAND HICKSON born 1st December 1898
j/ FLORENCE LOUISA HICKSON born 12th June 1881 died 14th June 1891
l/ OLIVE MARY HICKSON born 2nd January 1883. Married J G H Hankins Died 1956 Had issue two sons and two daughters
1/ JOHN ANNESLEY HANKINS Born 1907, R A F, New mexico 1956 Personal Pilot to Oil Millionaire
2/ BRIAN HANKINS living Pakowhai, Hastings 1957
3/ RUTH HANKINS married Frank Lewis and has issue two sons a/ ANNESLEY LEWIS b/ BRIAN LEWIS
Divorced her first husband and is now Mrs Wild of Kelbourne, Wellington 4/ NOELINE HANKINS Nursing New Plymouth 1940 , Wellington 1949

x (First Daughter) CATHERINE MATILDA HICKSON born at Mindlestown Cottage, Delgarry, Co Wicklow, Ireland on 17th November 1823. Married Henry Joseph Hunt Holdsworth (born 12th January 1825 died 4th June 1899) he was a wine
merchant of London; formerly Collector of Customers Honolulu, third son of Rev Charles Holdsworth, Vicar of Stokenham, Devonshire. Had issue five sons and three daughters
a/ HENRY THEODORE WYLIE HOLDSWORTH born 11th october 1854 died 6th October 196 leaving one daughter BEATRICE HUNT, born 11th may 1893
b/ EDMUND WILLIAM HOLDSWORTH born 13th August 1856
c/ ERNEST CHARLES HOLDSWORTH born 23rd July 1858
d/ WALTER HOLDSWORTH born 25th May 1860
e/ FRANK ARTHUR HOLDSWORTH born 10th may 1862 died at Devonport Auckland , 8th July 1898, A M I C E Unmarried
f/ MARY ELIZABETH HOLDSWORTH died in infancy 1850
g/ MARY ELIZABETH HOLDSWORTH born Honolulu, 13th April, 1852
h/ ANNIE WALSH HOLDSWORTH born in London, 12th Dec 1864

XI FRANCES ELIZABETH HICKSON - born at Waterford, Ireland, 16th July 1827, Married CHARLES FREDERICK BLACK youngest son of THOMAS BLACK, M D of Cintra, St Kilda Melbourne 1855. Has issue five sons and twp daughters.
a/ THOMAS UNWIN BLACK, born 19th April 1856 died November 1866
b/ CHARLES FREDERICK BLACK, born March 1858 died Nov 1866
c/ HERBERT THEODORE BLACK born 16th Sept 1861 married MRS ASHTON, a widow d/ CECIL FRANCIS BLACK born 19th January 1863, died in his 19th year
e/ HASTINGS WENTWORTH BLACK (jack) born 26 oct 1864 married Grace Agnes Dukes and had issue one son and three daughters
1/ H C Black married Gladys Lorraine Bull one daughter
a/ Lorraince Black
2/ Wilza Black (Poddy) m W M Fred Pierson has three daughters
3/ Frances Agnes Black married Eric Lindsay Maguire and has one daughter
a/ Barbara Eliza Maguire
f/ CHARLOTTE ELIZA BLACK (nina) born 20th Feb 1860 died unmarried
g/ MARY JOSEPHINE BLACK born 25 Dec 1866 died 1946 unmarried

XII - RAECHEL HICKSON - died in infancy

XIII MELITA MARY HICKSON born at Malta, Auberge de castille 26th April 1833, died 7th Sept 1833

XIV MARY SARAH HICKSON, born at the island of Corfu, 27th March 1835. Married, 1856 Hugh Leathem BLACK eldest son of THOMAS BLACK MD Melbourne - had issue one daughter
1/ FRANCES ELIZABETH BLACK (Bessie) born 20th January 1857 THE COMPLIER OF THIS RECORD. Died unmarried.