Etwell Ancestry

Etwell Ancestry

Etwell Ancestry

We recently came across an English relative doing family research on the Etwell line.

Her name is Val Baker (nee Etwell) and her website is at:

Her site is dedicated to the memory of Albert Etwell who was born in Ashmansworth, Hampshire in 1881 and was killed in France in 1917. His death and total lack of knowledge about him was the motivation for many years of research into his Etwell Family History by his only grandchild, Val.

This overview shows my direct Etwell ancestral line.


Eatal, Eatel,  Eatell, Eattell, Eatwell, Etale, Etell, Ettwell, Etwall, Etwell

Thomas and Martha Eatwell

The furthest back that I am able to trace the family is to Inkpen, Berkshire  with the marriage of Thomas Eatwell to Martha Phillimer in 1769.  At that time Thomas gave his abode as the parish of Shalborn (Wilts) but no definite baptism for him has been found and, therefore, the family tree stops there.  Martha’s maiden name was Phillimer; she died at Inkpen in 1779, having borne Thomas 3 sons.