Coat of Arms

Benner Coat of Arms

There are a number of Coat of Arms that have surfaced, and each seems to have a different background. For assistance in understanding each of these, take a look at A Beginners Guide to Understanding a Coat of Arms.

Frankish Knights

This  Benner Coat of Arms, as well as the name and family, is of Frankish origin. The shield consisted at first of merely the six gold and black1 stripes and was for the purpose of identification only. The red lion was a later grant and was bestowed for unusual  bravery, red being the colour of courage and the lion rampant its symbol.


This Coat of Arms, described in Siebmacher's " Wappenbuch " vol.5, band 5, Tafel 5, as " Nach den hand  -  schrifflichen nachtragen sun alten sibmacher," shows the crusader's cross in gold on blue field, cornered with four gold stars. The crest takes the form of a man rising, supposedly the crusader; his blue coat bears a gold star on the breast and he has in place of arms,  gold wings "en fesse " with gold star superimposed.


This version was kindly provided by Claire Benner In Tralee.

The "Helm", here as a barred Helmet, indicates a position of nobility. It is generally accepted that the beehive alludes to industry and productivity. The Crest at the top were often won in Tournaments or battle. In this case, this may have been in recognition for services to industry.


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