Samuel Gallagher Benner (1833-1916)

Samuel Gallagher Benner

Samuel Gallagher Benner

Samuel Gallagher Benner was born on the 1st December 1833, the eldest son of Robert Benner (1802-1883) and Margaret Ann Gallagher ().

Samuel married Juliette Thais Plateau (1854-1924), daughter of  Nicolas Antoine Jules Plateau (1825-)  and Virginie Cohnel Dãage (1828-)  on the 1 December 1872 . They had nine children:

Samuel Rene Benner (1875-1958)  m. Maude Frances Meyer (1890-1965)
Marguerite Virgina Benner (1877-)
Fifine Benner (1877-)
Maude Benner (1879-) m. Bernard Stanley Hone ()
Juliette Maud Benner (1880-)
Robert Isadore Benner (1883-1966)
Violet Benner (1891-)
Norah Sybil Benner (1895-1992)

Samuel studied at Kings Inn in Dublin, become a solicitor and was practising law in Dublin.  Samuel however retained his entitlement to a share of the ongoing profit of the Benner Hotel business.  Later Agnes Benner, after the death of her husband William, (Samuel's brother) wanted to keep the hotels in Dingle and Tralee in her own immediate family and so she bought out her Samuel trading his share in the hotels for other property in the Kerry area.

The family emigrated to the USA in 1898.

Samuel died on the 14th January 1916.